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“Les Fleurs du Mal” is our inaugural vintage in Pasadena, CA. Its purpose is exploring and proposing possible fallacy’s in so called improvements in Californian wine. The vintages name comes from the poet Charles Baudelaire, who used "modernity" to designate the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis, and the responsibility of artistic expression to capture that experience. As humans, we strive for a sense of control while simultaneously seeking freedom and spontaneity. Wine has been at the center of this struggle since its inception. We look to Mother Nature for guidance while also imparting our own egos and philosophies. Wine making is at the intersection of science, art and philosophy. Both Baudelaire and winemakers share in humanity’s desire to explore the unknown questions about ourselves. VDC sees itself as an exploratory endeavor. We strive to make vibrant, truthful wines that blur the line between taste and art, science and philosophy. Terroir, and the terror of modern life, coming together for one moment to quite the mind and escape our reality.

“A wine that speaks to that acceptance, giving credence to our flaws and faults as humans, may be the most perfect wine of all.”

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